Berlin was a top night.  The venue was a beautiful old music hall type place, and the promoter Franco really looked after us.  We had an amazing sound guy called George who was an old Crass fan and he did a fantastic job making us sound good.  Thanks also to Christian who did the lights and helped Allison make the visuals really special.  But most of all, thanks to the amazing crowd who came down to celebrate with us.  THANK YOU, BERLIN!

The crazy crowd in Berlin. They seemed to be able to sing all these songs without our help.

Me just about to kick off.

Gizz giving the guitar a bit of welly during Systematic Death.

Beki getting ready before the show. What the shirt says is true.

Allison snapped me writing the set list and caught herself in the mirror as well.

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  1. the people at the Festsaal have to thank you. At least i do! IT was a crAss Concert i Always imaGined since 1985, whEn i Became PunK in RomE, thE onLy CrAss Punk in tHe WhoLe fuckin toWn.
    I enjOyed laSt nighT.

  2. btw, bloody revolution was missing something in the beginning, wasn’t it?

  3. Steve- was a pleasure to meet you and a proper fucken thrill to see you all play. Absolutely fantastic gig exceeding all hopes. Beki truly tore it up- what an unexpected bit of excitement there! Hoping to see her band tour through as well someday. Best of luck for the remaining tour- wish I could catch more of it!

  4. you all hit it…… what a thrill and a pleasure to see and hear you play.
    the band was great.
    2 times during the show…..head to toe goosebumps.
    can only say thanks for exceeding everyones expectations,

  5. Hi Steve, Watched you in manchester , Munich and Berlin, Me and Sue had a great time in Germany and was a pleasure to meet you after growing up listining
    to crass for many years, Thanks for the beer mate —– Dave and Sue.

  6. Excellent gig in Berlin! land Edinburgh gotta get some more!

  7. Thanks for the great gig! Finally after 25 years that I´ve heard Crass-records the first time (yes I was to late again..) having the possibility to hear the Crass songs live! it did mean a lot for me in the past, and I was overruled how powerful the music still is and how actual the lyrics still (or again) are. Thanks, anargy, peace , love!

  8. Hi Steve and all of the band. Thank you for that wonderful evening. Crass was always one of my favourite bands and a big influence and inspiration, so it was really a pleasure to see and hear you performing all that great songs live. I came along with a couple of friends and we all enjoyed it very much. I wish you all the best and hope to see again one day.

  9. Hello Steve, Beki, Gizz and the rest of the band. Thx for this powerfull gig.
    I had to wait about 30 years to see my favorite band.

    Your political statements are more relevant than ever.

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