Back again with some news from the European tour.  We've been having a real laugh.  The Last Supper band are great and I couldn't have done this without Gizz, Spike, Bob, Beki, Jona & Allison and Spot.  Despite the fact we are working on an average of 4 hours sleep a night, we still manage to get to the venues on time and have a giggle along the way.  Every night has been really different and it's been great to take the Crass songs to places where Crass never managed to go.

Lodz 21st October

I've always loved Poland because you're guaranteed a good night out.  Crass never made it here but I've been over with other bands. This lot certainly showed us a proper good time.


Spike our drummer  took this one from behind his kit at the end of the show.

After the show I like to work out in my personal gym.

(Okay, not really - this exercise bike was in the bathroom of our hotel!)


Bob looks all pensive in this shot taken by Allison as we arrived in Lodz.

Thanks also due to Krzy who promoted the show and really looked after us.



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Filed under: Photos, The Last Supper
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  1. looks like your all having a fantastic time and living in the moment.. :)
    if the gigs are anything like the bristol one- your making alot of people happy!
    enjoy the rest of the tour
    all the best, steve

  2. hi steve glad your enjoying the last supper tour ?we came to bristol and amsterdam we enjoyed both shows !!!?but thought the band were finding there feet buy the time u gota holland ?and the band seem to give of a speacil vibe the crowd in holland were buzzing after i saw u in the early 80 s but my wife is ten years younger !!her faverate lp is the feeding of the five thousand she plays it driving around ware we live !!!we are all singing the old songs great stuff ive seen a hole new bunch of people that never erd or saw crass in the 80 s loving the crass bk catalogue of music in londons sheperds bush the crowd was mixed with young kids and a hole diverse crowd !!so meny7 new people wanting to cre ate join a band or find out wats really going on around them politacly ?as well as the old fat fuks like me that have lived my life to the crass messige as mutch as i could eny way m8 c u in london oi oi enjoy the rest of the tour i think its a shame you wont be performing crass songs but i gues there arealot of reasons ?stay happy fuk all the h8ers love n peace dave anoky xxclaire xxx

    • Thanks Dave. The band and I absolutely loved every gig and like you noticed we have really yelled together. We get on really well on and off stage and I think that really shows in our performances. Great to hear that Claire enjoyed it too.

  3. Bugger me! I thought it was quiet next door!
    Looks like you’re having a time of it. I should have been making more noise…

  4. cant wait for dublin gig … dave

  5. Thanks for Łódź, mates! Had an awfully good time! Best gig ever!

  6. very nice, but will we ever see a pic from the faboulous show in hamburg, pleaaazzze???
    all the best!

  7. When are you going to come to London?

  8. Rafal, Great photo’s

  9. I wrote a review of the Hamburg show here:


    Unfortunately it’s in german – but there are some pics as well.

    Thanks for coming over, all the best!

  10. at Jan:
    very nice review!!!

  11. Sehr gerne, danke schoen!!!

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