Be a part of The Last Supper: send us your photos

Hello folks.  You may have seen me post previously, asking people to send in photographs of themselves for us to use in The Last Supper tour.  The visuals for the tour are a really important part of it for us.  They are a bit different every night, and it's a bit like an old fashioned slide show, made up of photos from my personal collection, the collection of Gee Vaucher and Dial House, the band and some close friends, and some general Crass archive stuff, and a few surprises.  But the part that we really enjoy the most is all the photos that Crass fans have sent in of themselves.  If this tour is about a celebration of Crass and  what that band was about, then it's also got to be a celebration of all the people who were fans of the band, who came to the shows, bought the records, or who were somehow influenced or touched by what Crass was about.   A few of the photos we have used in previous shows are included here.

Now that we're about to embark on the USA and Canadian tour, we really want to spread the word and get some new photos in, especially from the places we will be going.

So, where were you in 1977?  or 1984?  Whatever the year, we want everyone to be a part of The Last Supper, celebrating a time we all remember so fondly.  Mohawks? Crazy colour?  Skinheads?  Bondage trousers? Dr. Marten's boots? Homemade t-shirts?  Tattoos?  All dressed in black?  Or did you rebel by not conforming to the punk dress code?  Where were you when you first heard "Do They Owe Us A Living" or "Bata Motel"?  Send us your photos!

Please submit your photos to us by email to [email protected].  (It goes without saying that by submitting photos you are giving us permission to use them in the show.)



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  1. Have they gotta be photos from the past, or can they be recent?

    • Hey Han, they can be from whenever really, though we’re really enjoying the old ones because they are such a laugh. Main thing is that we want to celebrate the fans as much as we celebrate the band.

  2. Crass were a really important part of my growing up. I used to skive from school and my new stepbrother was a punk (I was into Northern Soul). It turned out that the two of us had something in common though – playing truant and nicking his dads cigarettes. I thought that punk was shit (apart from Xray Specs) but I tended to play truant more than my new bro and found myself checking out the covers of Feeding of the 5000 and Stations when he wasn’t around. I was so angry and fucked up as a teenager – I hadn’t even thought about my future as I had none. And so I was so blown away by the lyrics – I agreed with it all – here was somebody expressing how I felt – wow! It wasn’t long before I’d done away with all nighters at Wigan Casino (actually they were awesome), and had started to spike my hair, got a pair of DM’s and you know the rest. Thankyou Crass for introducing me to the idea of protest, of feminism, of anti war and nuclear weapons, and for making it okay to be pissed off. Saw Crass a few times – once while flying high on acid….A bunch of skinheads came in saluting and were seen away with a chorus of “Fight War, Not Wars” – power of the people in action – I was impressed. Have emailed a selection of photos and there are loads more if you want me to send them.

  3. Tang! im finally gonna see you guys play at the Fox theatre, its far…But WORTH IT!!!! Even if i gotta catch the Bus or i dont know but ima be there, I love your guys music, ofcourse u get that alot but im just so excited cos i missed the “Feeding of the 5000″…The first time i fell in love with Crass was in the 6th grade, now gonna be 19 soon and it STILL brings me joy every time i listen to your songs i still dont get tired of them, in a way just feels like the first time in 6thgrade listenin to what my brother was listenin to… “Whos that?” “Its CRASS foo!”…and so on and so forth,haha and might i add one thing i really admire Steve is that you may not be as young as you started yet your still Fuckn shit up with those vocals! Props man Props! sorry for writing alot but good luck on the tour! to you and the Band!

  4. Thats my old mate Steve Pegrum (Kronstadt Uprising/The Taste Experience) in the bottom photo! (The black and white ‘photo booth’ one…)

    • Graham
      the one above it is of my old mates Nigel, Gordon and Mark Lewis (now Mark Shed, as he lived in a shed for many years)
      It’s a small world

  5. Crass influenced my general view of the world at the ripe age of 13 and I will remain forever grateful. For once in my life I felt as though I understood something and something understood me. The one thing about Crass I admire is that although our political views may differ, I would still be accepted into their “camp”. The peaceful exchange of ideas and ideals is what make Crass a group which will remain eternal. With never-ending gratitude – Melanie Rose.

    I will be emailing photos shortly.

  6. What’s the email address to send in the pics for the last supper show

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