Montreal L’Olympia 21 April

The first time ever in Canada and it was just amazing. A great turn -out of great people in Montreal that made us feel so welcome. Great night, great gig. And here's the proof.

A view of the crowd from upstairs. Amazing audience that night.

Rival Tribal Rebel Revel. That's John Loder up on the screen behind us.

Beautiful smiling faces.

More lovely people. Thanks to you all for coming out.

Me and the band really appreciate the support from everyone who turned up.  Special thanks to David, JF and John for looking after us and inviting us to Montreal and such a beautiful venue.


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  1. This was a F.king great show!!! Faithful to Crass philosophy: no artifice; great music; high energy; for people to share!!! –The real thing!!!

    Thanks for coming to Montreal!!!

  2. If is possible, can you put the other pictures please.


  3. Does anyone have a live video of crass gig (real crass)

  4. The night was absolutely fantastic, a brilliant set- 2Hrs ! Great atmosphere & genuine interaction. I bought ‘The rest is propaganda’ and finished it the next day- anyone who is/was interested in Crass & the DIY scene needs to read this book.Now What’s for dessert ? Many thanks.

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