On the road… again.

And still it goes on. Mile after mile after mile leading straight to a far horizon that you never seem to reach, on either side the beautiful great plains rolling along beneath vast cloud laden skies. And here I sit, bleary eyed and bus - lagged, staring at it all when suddenly I realise we're going through a town called Rosebud and crossing a river called Tongue, both of which a Native American called Black Elk mentions in his book 'Black Elk Speaks'. If you get a chance, read it, but have some tissues ready for your tears.

I get Matt, our driver - top bloke - to pull over and I stand where surely Black Elk must have, and as a sign of acknowledgement/respect I bury a bit of tobacco. A private and moving moment for me. Back of the bus and head on towards Seattle which'll take us three days, and I'm endlessly thinking of his book and how he witnessed the Custer battle, and bugger me, there it is, the site of the Little Big Horn. With a K.F.C. and a casino on it. Yep. Only in America.


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Filed under: Now Hear This
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  1. loving this steve

    • You did the right thing, you are well traveled and you will
      have to come back… their is still so much to see of the
      Original lands and you will find the law of the land. Dulsie

  2. Wow, that really connects….

  3. hey Steve!! Hope things are good…it gives the word boring a new fuckn meaning, huh?To reiterate you guys were brilliant,FUCKN BRILLIANT in NY, Brooklyn!!!Cheers and beers!! Ps Watch out for diamond back rattlers!!!

  4. It’s The Last Supper, take your elbows off the table!!!
    Steve, fuck the shit talkers! I caught the 2nd Pomona show, You guys don’t half ass it for a second!
    Now for next year, I’d love to see you play some of those schwarzenegger songs (saw you play “Slice of Life” with Stratford back in ’98, the broken leg tour, haha. Pretty epic!).

  5. Hey Steve,
    Driving across America is always amazing. I’m glad you where able to experience the empty spaces, witch account for more of America then most people know. The media would have you believe, America is a giant city, but most of the country is still vacant. Unfortunately the disgusting consumerism fucks with what could be, e.g. your K.F.C. experience.. But that is not the whole picture. I believe your travels have aloud you to visit a different America, that does not occupy headlines. I’m happy you where able to meet fellow Americans wishing for a different dynamic. Millions of zombies, monopolized and institutionalized, by bullshit greed and war mongering share this land with people like you and me. But, at your show in Chicago, I remembered that there are more individuals everywhere that see through the mirage. Shouting and dancing and celebrating, your show in Chicago was important. This tour is important. In this fucked up crazy scary time, myself and many others needed this kind of gathering to remind us, all is not lost, yet. Being punk has helped me live out existentialism to it’s fundamental doctrine. I do not need a government or religion or monied corporations to help me figure out right and wrong. I can think for myself. I did not chose and do not need the system I live in. This countries fucked ideology does not represent me or my beliefs, and the beliefs of many other people that live here.. Your show reminded me, many of my neighbors in America, and all over the world share this line of thinking. Not all Americans are xenophobic ignorant sheep. Echo this to other people in other countries. Thank you for coming Steve. I am proud to have met you and shared our country with you. The Chicago show made me feel like I was 12 listening to “Best Before 84,” for the first time and realizing that I was not crazy. The fucking world is. People in other countries that read this, know that not all Americans believe in bullshit. I am a citizen of this world not this country. “Fight war not wars!” Oi! Peace!
    Charlie Beck-

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