Seattle – Neumo’s – 27 April

28th April

Last night in Seattle was just great. Started off with a question and answer session in this brilliant bar called Comet that was like an old English boozer. Everyone there was really friendly and we all had a really nice time. Dodgy old law in Seattle though, if you're onstage you can't drink, but the audience can. Work that one out. The gig was brilliant. We were really up for it and so were the audience. Seattle made one hell of a noise last night. Thanks you lot for a great time.

Thanks to the great folks at the venue in Seattle especially Alice and Chris and Jeff who really made our night easy.  And thanks to everyonef or coming out.



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  1. Hey guys!!
    Just to tell you that people here are still talking and excited about the show you did here in Montreal at the Olympia!! You made quite an impression!!! So glad you included us on your tour!
    How are you and the gang holding up?? Hope you are all sleeping and eating well and resting between gigs, as much as you can.
    Love the pictures you have been posting of your different audiences at the different gigs! Probably all of the people who see themselves in those pictures are going to hold on to them for years and years and will be so proud to say they were at your gig!!
    Claude and I were on a good high from the show for days, as well as from seeing you both. We really, really enjoyed it, and were just so happy to see you both again. Also we are so enjoying your book. It is written in such a way that I feel you’re sitting across from us in a comfy chair,having a pint and telling us the stories of your life. Just brilliant and we love it! We are both reading it at the same time so we fight over it!!
    A big hug and kiss to you and to Jona and thanks again to you both. So happy to see you both again my friends but so sad to see you go…Till we meet again, and I’m sure we will!!!
    Good luck and good health for the rest of the tour, sending love and good wishes your way!
    Love to you both,
    Sue & Claude

  2. I know this is a little late, but the Seattle show was a blast!!!

    Goldblade did a great job of warming up the crowd, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a better frontman. I even saw John Robb finally get his handshake (at the end of their set) from the youngin’ that wanted nothing to do with him or Goldblade before the show started! Now that’s some powerful persuading…

    Steve, your voice can still belt it out, and Carol was simply amazing on vocals (hence the huge cheer, I suspect, once she was finally introduced at the encore.)! It was nice to see the band having so much fun, and the smiles in the crowd at hearing their favorite Crass songs sung live was noticable as well.

    I hope the rest of the tour goes great for y’all & thanks for the memory!!!

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