Toronto – Opera House – 22 April

Our third gig was in Toronto at a beautiful old opera house venue, we had a great time.

After a Question and Answer session at Hits and Misses Record store it was on to the venue for a night of nights. We were helped out on the intro to 'Big A little A'  by Rory, and helped out on all the other songs by  everyone else. Thanks Canada. It was hard to leave you, and we'll never forget you.


Thanks again to Noel and Tony and James and everyone in Toronto for making us so welcome, it was a great night.


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  1. That place looks amazing!

  2. Thanks for posting these! It is a great venue, and set the tone for a fantastic show :)

  3. So good reading these Steve. Now I’ve got a better idea of what to expect when you hit NZ! :D

  4. It was a hell of a show. The band was top notch. Thanks for bringing the tour to Canada.

  5. Thanks for the great show and memories Steve……

    PS-where can I buy a Last Supper Hoodie??? Didnt get a chance to buy one that nite….


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