Baltimore gig cancellation

Hello everyone.  Last night we got the news that the venue in Baltimore has closed suddenly.  We are trying to figure out what happened and what our options are.  If anyone is planning to travel to that show we'd advise you to hold on for more information.  We have been working through the night to figure it out.  We'll be back with more information as soon as we have it.  We are on our way to Gainesville now for the gig tonight.  Thanks.

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  1. baltimore sux anyways…is there even a scene there?…and anyone who did come to the show would be traveling from far
    distances to get there and oh boy them gas prices to pay to do so(most coming from pittsburgh mind you)…look…im telling you…PITTSBURGH…can put this together in no time…10bux at the most and it would all be under the table for ya…
    SERIOUSLY…be a punk and take one for the team…pittsburgh being that team…it aint called punxburgh fer nothing…hit me up
    if yer interested… and up the punx yo…

    • Actually there are quite a few people who live here that are quite fond of Crass and music in general. People will be in great sorrow over this. And yes there are quite a few music scenes here. Please be respectful.

      • Agreed. Many of us in Baltimore have been CRASS fans for a long time (I am from London and from that era) and would relish the opportunity to see them play. We’re all disappointed and would surely travel to see them even if it was in Pittsburg, Philadelphia or wherever. This is a major downer.

  2. barf on this info….COME TO P-BURGH! I was gonna drive to baltimore from west virginia but pittsburgh is only an hour away from us! It’d be stupendous if you could play there, it’d be friggin beautiful to save all the gas and babysitter money, plus we’d still get to bask in all the glory that is you and crass!

  3. There’s always New Jersey…It’s also close to New York… and there’s a crap load of places to play…..and the weather is going to be good.

  4. I’m in West Virginia too and would be thrilled to come to Pittsburg.

  5. It has just been announced approximately 1 hour ago that the Eleanor Rigby show has been cancelled due to the tour van not being able to make it in time.
    Sadly, Dan (the old manager of Sonar) is a prick who will not be refunding tickets. Although I do not know if Rigbys does refunds, they seem like awesome guys who really was looking at helping Steve out of a jam and seem much more honorable than Sonar.
    To Steve- Sorry to hear that you had to go through so much stress due to a messed up venue. Best of luck to you for the rest of the tour and hopefully you will have shows in the future that I can make it to as I am stuck in Baltimore.
    To Doug- Once upon a time, Baltimore was THE place for punk. Sadly, most of the old scene moved away due to the fact that Baltimore is quite crime infested.

    • It’s really wonderful of you to chime in here with some great local knowledge when a lot of people are trying to figure out what happened. This cancellation has been gut-wrenchingly disappointing for all of us back at Southern Studios since we know how much heart and soul Steve, Allison and everyone else has put into this tour. I know Steve tends to take these things pretty hard because he really feels for his fans, so I’m sure any words of encouragement from other fans would be welcome.

  6. so, it’s back on at Sonar? no alcohol, all ages??

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