The one that hurt to write.

Thank you everybody for your kind words of sympathy and support. I haven't been able to write to you individually for the past couple of days due to travelling home, exhaustion and jet lag. Please don't be offended, please keep sending comments and I promise I'll be back on it in a couple of days.

For those of you that don't know, we were rolling into Baltimore when Jona and I received the dreadful news that our darling dog Oscar had died. She was an English Bull Terrier and we'd been together for thirteen years, which is pretty good going considering the average life span is nine to eleven years - and she'd had a heart murmer all her life. She was staying with our friends Nicky, Gordon and Alice, whom she loved being with. when she went.

The strange thing is that before we went on tour, Nicky, Gordon and Alice came over, I talked to them about what to do in the unlikely event if Oscar died as she wasn't getting any younger and had been having fainting episodes when she got too excited. What happened was that Oscar had been sticking close to Nicky and having her usual wonderful time, Nicky came in from work, Oscar greeted her, wagging her tail and really pleased to see her, then swayed on her feet. Nicky and Gordon laid her on the floor, stroking her, and she simply went to sleep for good with friends she adored around her. Poor Nicky and Gordon then had to carry out my wishes which were to have her cremated and get rid of all her stuff. I think Jona has kept a couple of things, but I didn't want to as I'd find it too painful. It's hard enough being here at home seeing the chair she always sat on, etc.

We're alright, Jona and me, we're over the worst, the occasional sniffle of course, even now as I'm writing this my eyes are swimming but it'll go. Your kind comments helped us a lot. Thankyou again my dear friends.

On a more positive note, I've already been looking online at Bull Terrier breeders - yep, we're going to get another one. I want to call it Nancy, Jonas not too sure, and then I thought maybe some of you might have some ideas for a name. Feel free to make suggestions.

We're working hard on getting the photographs of the last gigs up on the site, sorry again about the delay but we will get there, and as I say, I'll be back on it in a couple of days. Thanks for your love and patience, Jona and Steve.


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Filed under: Life, Now Hear This
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  1. Heartfelt condolences for sure. 13 years is a good life though for a terrier, that much energy burns pretty bright – lots of love keeps a dog living happy that long.

    Can’t give any suggestions for a name, sorry. Too personal. Maybe if you adopt, she/he will already have one.

    You should post some pictures of Oscar. Think I saw one a long time ago on one of your old sites. Still. Everyone who loves dogs, loves dog pics.

    • PS: one of your WordPress plugins is firing off a php error… probably the contact form one. You might just need to log in and update it.

    • Adam,

      I did post a pic of Oscar on Steve’s Facebook page if you’d like to see her.
      Steve & Jona, all of us who have a dog member in the family, we’re all grieving
      with you. I know just how hard it can be. So sorry that this happened almost at the end of your wonderful tour.
      Thinking of you and sending love to you both…
      Sue & Claude

  2. I heard you mention this at the show. I’d like to offer my sincere condolences. It really sucks to loose a pet. In terms of the new one, I like Nancy, or maybe Rob or Jim. I feel like it needs to be monosyllabic. Like Adam said, please do post pictures.

  3. Heartfelt condolences Steve. I’m the the Scottish guy you were speaking to in Atlanta on Friday night. As a dog owner myself, I feel your pain.

    All the best


  4. Sorry for your loss Steve. My best buddy (dog) passed at 15 years, right before christmas time, due to cancer. A part of me died with him and never a day goes by that I don’t think of him. I now own a puppy and I’ll love it just as much as I loved the one before. I wish you the best.


  5. Sincere condolences Steve, I feel your pain. I lost my cat last year and was beside myself. She was sick for awhile and I was spending a lot of time (and money) on her, it took much out of me, but to me she was family. Getting over the loss of a pet ain’t easy but we go on. Cheers to you and Jona, you’ll have your happy memories of Oscar.

  6. I’m so sorry for your lost. I know how awful it is to loose a companion animal. But I must say, please consider adopting instead of buying from a breeder. Breeders are the reason for dog and cat over population which in turn leads to millions of unwanted animals being euthanized in shelters, not to mention the horrid conditions that most breeder dogs are kept in. And shelters have pure breeds as well. I mean no disrespect, but please reconsider. I know you’ll give another dog a wonderful home, just as you did for Oscar.

    • Sorry, but irresponsible owners and selfish people are the reason for pet overpopulation…the breeders are responsible for what happens on their premises which is deplorable in a lot of cases but there are plenty of legit breeders out there. Those breeders are not the ones neglecting to spay or neuter their pets and letting them loose because they can no longer take care of them or are too stupid to build a fence.

  7. Condolences to the two of you. It’s been a while since I’ve had a pet, since my cat passed some years back I’ve found it too hard. Good for you for wanting to take on another animal companion! The Baltimore show was phenomenal, and I know many in the audience were touched that you’d share this personal thing will all of us. You’ve been in my thoughts, keep on.

  8. this really is heartbreaking Steve,i started to well up just reading it. my heartfelt condolences go out to you and Jona. instead of looking at breeder sites why not get a rescue dog? so many of those dogs would be thrilled to be in a loving home like yours.


  9. Sorry to hear that Steve, mate. I know exactly what you’re going through (though not being there when it happens must be really tough). My dogs Alpha and Venus died a couple of years ago. We’d had them years and years and they so old they just couldn’t go on anymore. I think only people who have dogs knows what it like – like losing a member of the family.

  10. Deepest sympathies to you both. Memories will warm your hearts, but he will always be at your side.

  11. As the saying goes: The inner remains. Be happy that you had her.

  12. sorry to hear it fella
    chin up

  13. Sorry to hear about the dog. Don’t be going to breeders though ther’re are too many dogs that need homes without encouraging them. Here’s a link to a site that works with rescued bull terriers.

  14. Sorry to hear of your lost…. R.I.P Oscar.

    Paul above has already beaten me to it with BullieSOS please check em out.


  15. Gutted for the pair of you. my little girls getting old now and i know it’s only a matter of time. she’s called minerva how about that for a name for your new pup. see you in London

  16. Shit Steve. I hadn’t heard.

    Really sorry to hear this. As a dog lover/owner myself, I can sympathise deeply with how you must be feeling.

  17. It’s good to hear she was with people who loved her, and didn’t suffer.

    You never stop missing the ones that are gone and can never replace them but I think we owe it to dog-kind to give another pair of big brown eyes the chance to have a beloved human to look at with love and loyalty, when we are ready.

    I had to let my beloved 16 year old go a couple of months ago and it was so hard to make that decision, she was ready to go but I was never going to be ready to lose her. I have her daughter and grandughters so we are still a family. Hope you meet them when you are here! Blue Heelers are cool.

  18. Great pics of you and Oscar Steve!
    I kind of like the name “Nancy”. I’m assuming your next pup will be a boy then?

  19. R.I.P Oscar, Im sorry for your lost Steve Ignorant………

  20. My condolences go out to you and Jona. At least she was happy and with people that loved her when she went. All the best.

  21. Condolences to you both Steve, I am truly sorry for your loss. I am even more amazed now at how great the show in Baltimore was even with that loss hanging on your heart. I am so grateful that the show went on, that I was able to be there and to meet you and shake your hand.

  22. We feel very said when we read that Oscar is longer alive. Our condolences.
    With love, Jogchem and Marga

  23. Steve I’m so sorry to hear about Oscar. I know how hard it is, having lost many dogs growing up. I hope that you and Jona are doing alright. I’m glad to hear that you both have decided to get another bull terrier! I have a terrier of my own, I love them, they have a special place in my heart. I don’t think I could ever own another breed! I love the picture of you and Oscar, he looks so cute and regal! Olivia, Susan, or Maggy/Magit. I do like Nancy though!

  24. So sorry to hear about the loss of your puppy Oscar. Recently at my home we had to put down two of our beloved pets. Jake our puppy and Mittens, one of our two cats. Both had cancer. Our condolences go out to you. Jim

  25. Our thoughts are with you, losing your dog is a real heart wrench, they are your family and best friend. Have you thought about getting a rescue EBT? Long live Oscar! :)

  26. Thankyou everyone for your lovely comments, we’re sort of over it now, although I got a lump in my throat seeing the picture of her,thanks for the name suggestions for the new one, and as regards breeders and rescue dogs etc. I’m looking at all aspects. I’ll keep you all posted. Steve. xxx.

  27. I send my heart to you for your loss. Losing a close pet is the worse, like a family member but you happen to always like pets more. I was at the Baltimore show and heard the news there. But I just wanted to say the show was amazing, I am so grateful to you and everyone that made it possiable to happen. Thank you so much. I have jut finished your book as well. It was great!I was really nice to see your were such a down to earth genuine person. Good luck with the naming of the new loved one!

  28. Dear Steve and Jona,

    We heard from Marga that Oscar had died. We’re thinking of you!
    The last time we saw her she was so enthusiastic and we made a few nice pictures of her. So we ordered them all and we’ll send them to you when they arrive. Jona, did you receive the pictures of Bo?

    Love ya!!!

    Big kisses, Wally, Liset & Bo

  29. Hey Steve and Jona,
    Can’t believe this news… Petra is chatting to Jona on the phone right now (the usual 90 minutes with no break for quartered oranges at half time. “Casper – Casper, get down from that crossbar…!”).

    And can’t believe we wont see Oscar again. Beautiful picture too.

    Our love to you and Jona and we really hope to see you soon!

    Andrew, Petra, Kenny and Toby

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