Hamburg 22 October 2010

We didn't do such a good job of getting these posted while we were on tour, but here they are now.

Loading in at Hafenklang

Getting into Hamburg was quite a surprise for a few of us who have been there before but not for years.  Allison didn't recognise the whole area down by the docks where Hafenklang is located.  It's all been developed - a bit like Canary Wharf or something - lots of expensive flats, shops and offices.  In the middle of it Hafenklang still stands though - bloody amazing they managed to keep the venue on the same site despite everything.  I think they basically just built a whole new building around it.

And away we go

The stage at Hafenklang is only a few inches above the rest of the venue and I reckon you might call it "intimate".

Spike working hard

The crowd in Hamburg were one of the wildest on the tour.

This is why we did the tour. Those beautiful faces at the end of the night.

More smiling faces.

Pardon my finger there in the photo.

Thanks to everyone who rammed into the Hafenklang that night to have The Last Supper with us.  Also thanks to Daniel and everyone at the venue for treating us so well.  They served us an excellent home-cooked meal which is always appreciated by the band and crew.

More European posts coming soon.

Thanks. Steve.