Chicago – Bottom Lounge – 23 April

Finally getting around to posting these photos.

Then we got to Chicago where we got a taste of Illinois hospitality. A great sound and another great bunch of people. I got a sore throat from talking to everyone but it was so wonderful to be able to hang out and have some beers with people. We even got interviewed by a puppet rat called 'Ratzo'. Don't ask. I dare say you'll find it on a cable t.v. thing called Chic - a -go - go. Only in America. And again, another brilliant night, special thanks to Vito and to Frank and his crew. Thanks Chicago.


Special thanks to Vito for looking after us.



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  1. Hey Steve I was wondering if you guys are going to have any downtime after the shows this weekend. I know this is the first time you have made it to the states before and I was wondering if you wanted to try to get a day of entertainment at Disneyland. I work there and can get up to 3 people in for free. Just wanted to extend an offer. Always been a huge fan and this would be a chance for me to give something back to you guys for all your music has done for me over the years. Let me know, and I can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow night!!

  2. Great pics! (specially since I’m in 3 of them!) Thanks again for such a memorable night.
    Good luck with the rest of the tour!

  3. I told my bro about the show… (all of yer swag)… but DID not tell him what songs you played, I WANTED that to a be a surprise in LA (he’ll be at both shows with his buddies).

    I love WHAT NEXT COLUMBO… sweet to hear it live…

    All I could think of was… my bro is a lucky bastard… he was at Feeding of the 5000 in London (BOTH SHOWS)… lucky.
    Glad you guys came around… LOVED the show.

    life, peace, and resistance…

  4. Steve , you must play in gig Nagasaki Nightmare.

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