On The Road

View from the bus window

And it goes on and on into the distance with no signs of stopping, you look out the side windows of the bus and you think someone's playing with your head because you look out the window an hour later and the scenery is just the same.

You get off the bus for a while and you find yourself wobbling about and you think maybe you're hung over but you're not, you're experiencing 'Bus Legs', which I've not even had from being on the lifeboat. But it is an amazing thing to be doing,

I've never seen this in real life before and I'm really enjoying it. I'm looking at places where those braves, women and children roamed in freedom before they got fucked over and I'm just getting a whiff of the scale of what must have happened - I'm not being depressing or preachy but no book or film can prepare you for the real thing.

Yours truly, in South Dakota.

And at the end of this vast flat land is a place called Seattle where there are people to see and meet, and I'm really looking forward to it. Plus there's no gig tonight so I can have a few quiet beers without feeling nervous. What a lovely Easter Sunday.


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Comments (15) Trackbacks (1)
  1. Did ya have fun in Toronto? Rory, (young lad on stage for Big A….etc) will never forget the time he had. Wonderful to meet, and open up for you all. Take care. Roddy (TERMINALS)

  2. good trip for you….

    Sorry for poly sterene…. Punk girls don’t last…

  3. My son, Josh Marquis, told me he spent Sunday night jamming at Cheers Lounge in Rapid City SD with you & your band/tour mates last night. Blows my mind!!!! How flippin cool is that, I’m so jealous & happy for him. He lives & breathes music and was telling me how great it was, all the guitars & singers jamming together. Like something you would see in some movie or fantasy but it was real! Thank you for being such gracious musicians to share your time & talent!!!

  4. What a treat it was to see you in Toronto, thank you for playing for so long, so many great songs. It was one of the best shows I’ve been to. Thanks again for doing this tour!

    PS. Steve tell Carol she was AMAZING in Toronto. Both me and my wife were just blown away and we aren’t generally fans of female vocalists. Keep us posted on what bands or projects does in the future!

  5. I hope you’ll enjoy Arizona. The Sonoran desert is beautiful in it’s own way, there’s no other place like it in the world!

  6. Steve can’t thank you enough for this tour,Crass changed my life,and although seeing you years ago in NYC on the Stratford Mercenaries tour was great,I never thought I would be able to hear Crass songs played live.INTENSE!You blew my mind in Brooklyn at the Europa and I can’t wait to see you at Santos on 5/8.Hope you enjoy the rest of the tour as much as we will.Thank you!…..By the way,the band is great with you and Carol is AMAZING!

  7. Liking the road trip storyv Steve, keep it going. Having done stuff like that myself around remote parts of the world i know exactly what you mean about massive landscapes and how it puts your own life in some perspective. Enjoy…

  8. There’s tears, blood, and piss spilled on every road to everywhere. There’s not a country in the world that wasn’t built on genocide. Try to keep your boots clean and enjoy the scenery, don’t let yourself get bogged in the misery steve. Wish I could see one of your shows…

  9. Just wanted to wish you the best of luck and wish I could be there in Austin. I used to go and see Crass at Digbeth Civic Hall way back in the early 80s – still a big Crass listener. I’m now in Dallas and was considering driving down to Austin but… I’m now too old, it’s too far (with work the next day). Sigh…

  10. You coming to Seattle, Wa.?

  11. See you in San Francisco Steve, Cheers!

  12. Thank you for coming to Toronto Steve. Made my new homeland feel all that more, well homely and really made me re-evaluate aspects of my life that I had ignored for a while.



  13. Oh yeah, your comments about the First Nations people made my think of this beautiful song.


  14. hey steve – good to see you are still workin` hard !

    willie – in stoke on trent

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