San Francisco – Slim’s – 27th April

Another great night.  Lots of friends there to see us play tonight.  There were some funny little protestors outside who weren't happy about the tour, handing out leaflets and singing songs.  Apparently most of them paid to come in before the end.  Try and explain that one to me.


Thanks to Scott and Rich and everyone who looked after us at Slim's.


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  1. Great photo’s Steve!
    And great of ya to come over & play!

  2. steve and jello,legends,simply legends x

  3. Looks like a great night out. I had tickets for the original show and could not attend this one. Gutted. Steve, you are a diamond geezer! Met you once in San Francisco 10 years or so when you were touring….Glad you guys are having a good time on this tour!

  4. Hi Steve, please do some more dates in England before the last show. Thanks, Mike.

  5. The Jello photo is so classic Steve, need a copy of that for my dining room,,,, SERIOUS!!!!!!! The Crass songs tour show in Pomona at the Fox Theatre was ahhhhhhhhh, touching

  6. Love the pic with Jello! Enjoy the rest of the tour and see you soon!

  7. as usual, france is the poor end of rock…. never seen much groups here….

    But keep believe in!

  8. SO HAPPY to see and JB together! Possible collaboration?

  9. SO HAPPY to see you and JB together! Possible collaboration?

  10. Thank you all for such a great show at Slims! Simply an amazing show! You could feel the unity and love in the crowd, people hugging strangers after the set, everyone in such a great mood smiling ear to ear after the show. Once in a lifetime opportunity and I and everyone I was with thank you and the crew for putting on a great show that will none of us will behold again.


  11. your drummer kicks ass!

  12. hi Steve, it’s the nervous girl with the glasses from your slim’s show — I’m reading your book now and I just want to drop you a line to tell you how much I am enjoying it. laughter one sentence and tears the next; you really have such a lucid and clear voice that jumps right off of the page. thank you!

  13. wow just watched carol on you tube, awsome, manchester is proud x andy and kathy

  14. Thanks everyone. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t come to the show Ken. Good to hear that you like the book Laurie.

  15. Totally agree Dr T and Andy. Spike T Smith is a great drummer, Carol Hodge is just brilliant, Bob Butler on bass is as steady as a rock and Gizz a fantastic guitarist. We couldn’t do the show without Allison though, who does the visuals. Right I am off to watch Goldblade play.

  16. Hello Steve,

    from East of France I’m following almost day after day your uncredible tour actually in the USA.
    My brother Daniel had the great unbelivable chance to see you in concert end of April in Seattle
    where the gig was great. He told me that he had a chat with you and told you that we are 2 brothers
    that are enjoying your songs since early 1982 , while you were almost unknown in France.
    So we react against that by spraying your logos in huge size on some abandonned walls of our city :
    well, something classic, but let us tell you that the philosophy of the CRASS band
    made our days so far! Thanks to you , hope to see ya on your last gig in London !

  17. the subhumans r way cool steve ignorant has dildos in his bum he wanks on stupid punk kids wank wank dont bother to listen to crass green day is supreme cool crass dildos i fart when i listen to crass n have hellish nightmares of unicorns

  18. Is that Billie Joe, golly he’s the embodiment of Punk, isn’t he? Wow, sometimes they wear women’s clothes? ooooooh how punkie!

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