About a new show in Atlanta, singers, and not being Crass.

from the Frankfurt show, by Matthias Weigand -- www.cxc.info

Hello everyone.  While we're all snowed in here in the UK I just wanted to share a few things.  First of all we have a new show added to the North American tour, in Atlanta.

Thursday 24th March Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia

Also we are still looking for a singer to replace Beki, which is really difficult.  I can't believe that she's not able to do the rest of the tour with us, but that's life so we've got to move on and find someone new.  I really appreciate everyone passing the word around and making suggestions.  Best thing to do really is if you know someone who is interested get them to write to us at [email protected]  We don't want to be calling up strangers saying "someone on Facebook said you might be interested...".  You know, it's embarrassing and that.  So just tell whoever you know and if there is someone who is interested tell her to get in touch with us, but do it soon as we are going to have some auditions in the first week of January, because we haven't got much time now til the next set of dates.

Finally, I've been really disappointed to see that some of the promoters in North America have been trying to advertise the tour as CRASS.  This ain't Crass.  I'll say that again - THIS AIN'T CRASS.  I don't know why it's a problem for them, we had no problems like this in the UK or Europe, and I want everyone to know that this is just something the promoters are doing, it's not me, or Allison, or Dan our agent - we've all asked it to be advertised as "Steve Ignorant Presents The Last Supper (Crass Songs 1977-1984)" because that's what it is.  It's me, it's my final celebration, and that's all.  So if you hear anyone saying anything otherwise, please try to put them straight.  I always knew I'd get slated by some people for doing this, but I don't want to get slated for something that's not my doing.

Thanks for listening, I hope everyone has a great holiday, whatever you celebrate this time of year.  Once we dig ourselves out of the snow we'll be starting work rehearsing with our new singer, getting the set ready for the North American dates.  Lots of work to do but we're really looking forward to it.


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Comments (17) Trackbacks (3)
  1. American venues always do this crap. They use what was to promote and market things now.
    They used to do it with Culture Shock and then Citizen Fish…always dropping the subhumans name first.

    Hope to see you in Atlanta. Asheville, NC would be better though.
    Have you guy contact the Orange Peel in Asheville, NC USA!!

  2. Hi Steve,Wishing You & Yours,the Band,the girls at the merchandise stand,everyone else involved with the tour and all at Southern a lovely peaceful Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year .Slainte !

  3. Hello Steve, I am in Quebec City near Montreal and I speak with a lot of persons here about your show. Lot of people who is interested to be there in Montreal are old punk who are no more in the movement. When I explain to them that the show is Steve Ignorant presenting CRASS songs, they always said ‘That the same thing’. The problem is that they are disconnected from the UK reality and they absolutely don’t know all the stuff you did after 1984. So, I thing the promoters know this reality to and use the name CRASS to be sure the people will be there. Good or bad, this is a reality here. If the name CRASS is not in big on a flyers, people will not realize what is the show. They will thing that is just an other band playing Crass. As I told, people are mostly disconnected of the UK reality and I am practically sure that if I ask them to name some member of CRASS they will be incapable of naming one … or may be you ? … so if you do a show, for them, is CRASS. Anyway, be sure that a do a personal point of honour to explain to them the difference and the reasons (I know) why CRASS will never reform.

  4. Hi Steve, I’ve been following the news and pics on the Last Supper shows, looks like you’ve all been having a fantastic time playing the Crass songs. The lyrics, music and record artwork had a big influence on me in the 80′s but unfortunately never got the chance to experience a Crass gig. Are you planning on playing anymore dates in the UK before closing the tour in London. It would be great if you all come to Sheffield to play a show, you’ll get a warm welcome here.

    All the best for Christmas and the new year.
    Cheers, Mike

  5. Looking forward to the ATL show, it’ll be one to remember guaranteed!!

    There’s already a rumour that the ATL show is canceled, but that’s another downside to the scene on this side of the Atlantic unfortunately. We’ll keep squashing this rumour whenever it pops up its ugly head!

    Roll on March!!

  6. Hiya Steve, Hoping to travel over to New York for the gig in March…. How can I get ticket for the gig… Was at the gig in Dublin and it was amazing…. cheers !

  7. Hey Steve,

    Already have my ticket for the Pomona show!!! So stoked!! I used to run The Showcase Theatre in Corona,CA,saw Stratford Mercenaries play there many times!! Nowadays i work for a merchandising company.You probably already have things sorted,but if not,hit me up! We can get you the merch you need and have it shipped anywhere.We aren’t a bootleg company,only officially licensed. Check us out at http://www.swag-inc.com and competitive prices. In any case,looking forward to March!!!

  8. Thanks everyone for all your supportive and informative comments. I will keep you posted on any new developments. Hope to see you at one of the gigs.

  9. hand screened posters… hmmm good idea! thanks for pointing them out ;)

  10. i’ll be at the show in atlanta for sure!!! thought i would NEVER see this. thanks for coming to ATL!

  11. Steve,

    Hello. Can’t wait to see you folks in NYC! Been hoping for this for 22 years. I was wondering if you’d be interested in doing an interview for http://www.justseeds.org our political art collective website.
    Looking forward to your reply. Onward to March!


  12. Thanks everyone for your support. Hope to see you all at one of the gigs. Chris would you mind getting in touch with Lauren as she is in charge of interviews. Her contact details are on my facebook on one of the tabs.

  13. Steve,

    they say the show in Montréal is RESCHEDULED ?

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