Video Interview part 2

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  1. Hi all
    Steve hope you dont mind me putting another post on here about the stop the cuts demo in march?
    It was crass that got me into protest and all that sort of thing when i was a nipper.
    A lot of us remember what goverment was like in the 80′s and this bloke dave “a man of the people” and “were all in this together” knob.
    He’s cut from the same cloth as maggies finest, A lot of people are going to have some real hard years ahead. to destroy the NHS like this and sack frontline staff is a real crime.
    anyway i could go on but dont want to bore people.
    So alls to say thanks to you and your music and goodluck with the lifeboat,thats a nice thing to do.

  2. funny wot ya find on the net……..remember seeing you at woolich i think with
    conflict…. many years ago … fun time was had by all …i rember playing the
    piano in the bar………… well you had no offers from france ………well ive not got any money to pay ya as im a diy,er but if ya fancy doing a gig in my garden in rural france
    let me know……

  3. Hi Steve, from listening to your interview here and hearing other interviews you have done about CRASS, you should be proud of all your creative endeavours. All the haters and negative comments don’t matter, you and CRASS have given a lot of people all over the world food for thought and inspired people to think maybe a little bit more about the world they live in and how they can change themselves if not the world. Hopefully you can make it all the way down to Australia before your final
    performance in November 2011. Regardless, good luck and good health in everything you do. Andrew

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